A ranged unit that deals
death from afar but
struggles with close encounters.

Archers are the only type of ranged unit class you can have. They are extremely weak in melee and excel when shooting in greater numbers from elevated positions or into the back or side of enemies. They can be helpful against shielded enemies killing them if they are engaged with your melee units. They are however very vulnerable to melee attacks and other ranged attacks of any kind.
They choose their targets automatically, usually the closest units.

If you invest enough coins in them, they can be upgraded to the levels 2 (12 coins) and 3 (20 coins) which greatly affects the archers range, fire-rate and accuracy. It is important to note that archers are more accurate against groups of enemies as opposed to individual units, and are best used to weaken enemy waves instead of completely stopping them.


  • Ranged, making them suitable for using behind allied melee units or attacking at a distance.
  • Capable of attacking from elevated positions.
  • Capable of unleashing a rain of arrowfire from any position when upgraded.
  • Can weaken or destroy hordes of unshielded enemies before they even land on the island reducing the casualties of your melee units.
  • Arrows instantly kill targets they hit, and damage Brutes.
  • Pauses briefly to fire but can attack on the run.


  • Shields block arrow attacks from the front or above, so shielded enemy soldiers can be nigh invulnerable to them.
  • Extremely vulnerable in melee.
  • Enemy Archers.
  • Norman throwing axes.
  • Accuracy is inconsistent and can results can vary wildly.

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