A powerful explosive that can
be thrown in battle.

The Bomb is an item.
It can be given to your commanders in order to give them the ability to throw a bomb in battle (Throw range: 1 to 2 fields.)
The basic version of the bomb gives your commander one bomb to throw per island, after being upgraded to level 2 (8 coins) the commander gains a second bomb to throw per island. At level 2 (14 coins) bombs becomes a more powerful weapon gaining more knockback and a slightly larger explosion. This upgrade can be useful to more consistently decimate large groups of enemies.
Be careful when using it, the bomb's explosion can harm your own units too!

As with every item in the game, once it is assigned to a commander, it cannot be removed anymore.


  1. 1 bomb to throw. [Cost: free]
  2. 2 bomb to throw. [Cost: 8 coins]
  3. Increase power: knockback and area of effect. [Cost: 14 coins]



  • Can harm your own units.
  • Can be thrown down from any height, but may struggle to be allowed to be thrown diagonally if something is in it's way.
  • Best used when enemies group up at boats, are exiting boats, or burning a house down.
  • This item has a travel time to calculate based on how far away the enemy is when you throw it.

Pro over Warhammer

  • Does direct damage and will outright kill and stun enemies for longer amounts of time than the warhammer can.
  • Knockback can knock enemies into water
  • Higher range and can be used on varying inclines

Cons over Warhammer

  • Has a travel time making it a less flexible item, and one that needs planning and timing accounted for, whereas warhammer can be used very quickly.
  • Has limited uses
  • Knockback is less than Warhammer
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