Enemy Brute Archers
Brute Archers

Brute Archers are a slightly weaker version than Brutes, with the difference, that they have no melee attack, but a very powerful and accurate ranged attack.
They usually appear alone or in groups of 2, although multiple ships may appraoch the island at the same time. They are very good at thinning your troops out so that the next incoming waves so it is important to avoid this at all costs. Using abilities like Plunge or Volley to instantly kill them from a safe position is the best way to minimize the effectiveness of Brute Archers.


  • Strongest ranged enemy in the game.
  • Very high health and damage.
  • Will decimate every unit that cannot block ranged attacks. (Pikes and Archers.)
  • Seemingly 100% accurate shots. Move your units while their arrows are flying to evade.
  • High knockback (even if blocked), may throw units into water which causes them to drown.


  • Can't block ranged attacks (Don't die from a single hit.)
  • Often in low numbers.
  • Weak against Infantry.
  • Weak against a high level plunge.
  • Cannot shoot units who are on elevated positions if they are too close to the overlooking ledge.
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