Enemy Brutes

Brutes are likely the strongest melee enemy in the game with the most damage and health, though they have no shield to block ranged attacks or pike attacks.
They usually appear in groups of 2 or 5, occasionally as single units.


  • Strongest melee enemy in the game.
  • Highest damage and health of all enemy classes.
  • Will decimate Infantry units in melee, try to have them run into a defensive pike unit.
  • High knockback, may throw units into water which causes them to drown.


  • Can't block ranged attacks (Don't die from a single hit.)
  • Often in low numbers.
  • Weak against defensive pikes.
  • Can be easily defeated by a high level plunge or warhammer.
  • Similarly to Berserkers, if attacked by archers when approaching your island, Brutes will often favor attacking your units over burning houses which can be helpful in leading them into a pikewall.
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