A versatile melee unit
carrying shields to block
blows and projectiles.

Infantry are upgraded Recruits and likely the backbone of your army. They excel in defending against ranged attacks and doing most of the dirty work. Well suited for offensive and defensive maneuvers.
They are, however, vulnerable to Brutes, other large groups of melee enemies if on their own and are highly vulnerable if single troopers accidentally spread out of the formation and get attacked alone.
It is important to note, that they can't block ranged attacks if they are engaged in melee combat.

If you invest enough coins in them, they can be upgraded to the levels 2 (12 coins) and 3 (20 coins) both ranks giving Infantry more armor, damage, and slightly larger shields. At level 3 (elites) units can take an additional hit in melee before dying making them far more resiliant. Due to their damage and armor, at level 3 they can go toe to toe with even Berserkers.


  • Perform well against any type of enemy in melee combat.
  • Equally well suited for offensive and defensive maneuvers.
  • Can block ranged attacks.
  • With a bomb or warhammer and plunge they can be made into a particularly mobile and versatile offensive threat which can handle most enemy types. With plunge or an offensive item they can also defeat large crowds of enemies quite easily making them a particularly useful offensive threat.


  • Can't block ranged attacks when engaged with melee units.
  • Perform rather badly against Brutes (This can be temporarily negated with a level 2 plunge).
  • Upgrading them to become strong offensive units takes a lot of coins.
  • Requires careful timing to pull off offensive maneuvers.
  • Jump attack useless on maps without hills.

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