Pike Charge
Pike Charge
Charge your pikes along
a straight line.

The Pike Charge skill can be bought with 7 coins for Pike units in order to give them the ability to charge up to 3 fields (unlimited range at level 2) to attack any enemies in their line of movement and deal significant damage to them killing nearly everything except Brutes. At the end of the charge Pikeman will instantly set-up and be able to defend making this a useful ability in initiating fights.

Once used in battle, the ability automatically recharges over time (similar to recovering a unit in a house) untill it can be used again.
A small icon of the skill will appear over the commanders unit for a short amount of time, when the ability has been recharged.

The basic version of the skill gives your commander the skill to charge for along up to 3 fields in a certain direction, after being upgraded to level 2 (10 coins) the range is now unlimited fields. At level 3 (14 Coins) the ability gains increased power killing brutes and anything else that might have otherwise lived the attack.


  • Obstacles will stop the charge, though you can identify them when selecting the skill, as it shows all eligible fields for the charge from the pike's current decision.
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