A defensive melee unit
carrying long pikes.
Great at holding one position,
but cannot fight while moving.

Pikes are the second type of melee unit class you can have. They excel in holding positions and defending choke points against all sorts of enemies, as long as these enemies don't have any ranged attacks. They perform especially well when defending downhill.
They are however vulnerable to ranged attacks of any kind and sometimes they face in the wrong direction when they prepare for an enemy to attack them, although another enemy unit may be closer to them already. They will usually turn around right before attacked, though.

Pikes can, however, not fight at all, if they are currently moving while being engaged! Make sure to have them stationary and prepared when the enemy attacks them.

If you invest enough coins in them, they can be upgraded to the levels 2 (12 coins) and 3 (20 coins) which upgrades their damage, and ability to hold a position even against large hordes of enemies. At level 3 they will rarely stop defending until every unit in your squad is dead making them very effective in holding a chokepoint.


  • Perform well against any type of melee enemy, as long as the pikes themselves are not moving.
  • Holding choke points (small openings) and defensive positions.
  • Especially strong when defending downhill.
  • Charge attacks effective against long stretches of terrain against nearly any target. Leveled up charges expand from 3 square movement to unlimited. Charge attacks will not hurt allied units.


  • Can't fight when moving.
  • Must be set-up before your enemies arrive or are close to be effective.
  • May face the wrong direction when they brace for an enemy attack although another unit is nearer (Usually turn around right before being attacked.)
  • Archer fire.
  • Throwing axes.
  • May be overwhelmed when charged by too many enemies at once. (When defending downhill at a chokepoint this will rarely happen)

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