Perform a jumping attack
from a cliff onto enemies.

The Plunge skill can be bought with 7 coins for Infantry units in order to give them the ability to plunge off of heights onto lower ground and deal significant damage to any enemies on the field they are landing on. Enemies near the edge of plunge will also take damage and be stunned for a short time, letting your infantry quickly finish off enemies stunned and not killed by the ability.
The plunge cannot be used if your infantry unit is too high and the fall would be too deep.

Once used in battle, the ability automatically recharges over time (similar to recovering a unit in a house) untill it can be used again.
A small icon of the skill will appear over the commanders unit for a short amount of time, when the ability has been recharged.

The basic version of the skill gives your commander the skill to jump onto the enemy and deal high damage to them from a height of 1-2 squares. After being upgraded to level 2 (10 coins) the plunge attack deals more damage dealing enough to usually kill Brutes.

At Level 3 (14 Coins) plunge gains unlimited vertical mobility allowing you to jump from any height onto enemies, killing anything unfortunate enough to be within the range of this attack.


  • Cannot be used if unit is too high and the fall would be too deep. This is no longer the case at level 3 as Plunge can be used from any height.
  • Due to its small AOE Plunge can be very effective at killing large groups of enemies that Infantry may otherwise have an issue with handling. The damage/stun radius also seems to be improved with each level of Plunge.
  • Can be used to flank attacking enemies by jumping behind them
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