Ring Of Command
Ring of Command
Increases maximum squad
size to 12 (16 at Level 2).

The Ring of Command is an item.
It can be given to your commanders in order to increase their total number of soldiers in their unit.
The basic version of the ring increases the size of the squad from 9 to 12, after being upgraded to level 2 (16 coins), the squad size is further increased to 16.
As with every item in the game, once it is assigned to a commander, it cannot be removed.


  1. +3 soldiers (12 instead of 9). [Cost: free]
  2. +7 soldiers (16 instead of 9). [cost: 16 coins]


  • For Infantry, as the increased manpower will result in higher damage and survivability of the unit.
  • For Archers, to increase their total number of arrows fired and their survivability.

Not Recommended

  • For Pikes, as they should never get in trouble enough to need the indirect extra survivability of the ring's effect and their damage output, though it may be viable to give it to them at low level,
    to increase their strength against bigger groups of enemies trying to overrun them early on.


  • Using this item increases the time it takes to resupply.
Ring of Command Level 2
Increases maximum squad
size to 16.
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