Enemy Huscarl


I believe that instead of calling these troops Huscarls, Berserkers is more fitting their aggression and combat abilities (they seem to ignore some hits, the same way the giant Brutes do). I'm not certain what the official name of these troops is meant to be. For now I have edited the page, and hope it isn't troubling to anyone.

I believe the term Huscarl is more fitting of the "Normans." The term Norman seems out of date, as I believe this is set well before the formation of the Kingdom of Normandy, during the initial Viking raids on Northern Europe around 800AD.

  • That makes sense, I'm not sure if they even have official names, so all those names you see for the enemies are just my guesses (Expect for the brutes, they are mentioned in a loading screen). I think you are right, so I also renamed the normans into huscarls.
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