Bombard a location with
a hail of arrows.

The Volley skill can be bought with 7 coins for Archer units in order to give them the ability to fire a volley of arrows and deal significant damage to any enemies on the target field(s).

Once used in battle, the ability automatically recharges over time (similar to recovering a unit in a house) untill it can be used again.
A small icon of the skill will appear over the commanders unit for a short amount of time, when the ability has been recharged.

The basic version of the skill gives your commander the skill to fire a volley of arrows a target field, after being upgraded to level 2 (10 coins) more arrows are fired in the volley.

At level 3 (14 coins) volley stays the same but again fires more arrows per use allowing the ability to do more damage.


  • Can kill enemies holding shields.
  • Possibly damages your own units (?)
  • With a fully upgraded ring of command volley will hit both in the square it was intended to hit in, and half of each adjacent square.
Volley Level 2
More arrows fired in the volley.
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