War Horn
War Horn
Instantly calls 3 (5 at level 2)
soldiers from a house at an
island to reinforce the unit.

The War Horn is an item.
It can be given to your commanders in order to give them the ability to immediately call soldiers form a house of your choosing on an island. Can only be used once per island!
The basic version of the war horn's skill calls 3 soldiers, after being upgraded to level 2 (8 coins), 5 soldiers are called instead of 3. Units cannot be reinforced above their limit of 9 soldiers. At level 3 (14 Coins) the War Horn gains the ability to be used twice an island.

As with every item in the game, once it is assigned to a commander, it cannot be removed anymore.


  1. Calls 3 soldiers. [Cost: free]
  2. Calls 5 soldiers. [cost: 8 coins]
  3. Second use. [Cost: 14 coins]


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